At Impact Early Education, we design accessible, engaging, Affordable preschool teacher training courses you’ll actually enjoy taking. 

When you take our courses, you can gain knowledge that applies to your classroom, get excited about learning, and build the skills you need to handle even the most challenging situations in your classroom. 

By the end of this training you will: 

  1. Name the key components of circle time lesson planning.
  2. Identify 3 problems that may occur in your circle time meeting.
  3. Design a backup plan for when things don’t go as expected.
  4. Understand how to use circle and morning meeting times as your secret weapon against poor classroom behaviors. Problem solving time during circle time is the MOST effective child behavior strategy! 

This training will help you understand at depth the importance and true reason for circle time- connection and community. We will give you helpful tips for planning your circle time and strategies to add to your arsenal of options for when you need to deviate from your original plan, because let’s face it. It happens, and it happens often. Planning ahead is key!

Training designed by former preschool teachers

Research-based focus on practical application

Affordable courses, starting at only $25!